Grubs Frostline 5.0 Womens Wellington Boots in Fuchsia

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Grubs Frostline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Fuschia

Ladies, these Grubs Frostline 5.0 Wellington Boots in a delightful Fuchsia pink simply can't be passed up on. Stylish? Yes, Comfortable? Of course, are they practical? Most definitely! With Grubs INSU-FOAM ULTRA technology you can be guaranteed warmth and protection for your feet during any, and all outdoor activities throughout the year.  Outdoor sports or walking? Grubs Frostline Wellington Boots can make a trek in the hills seem like a trip to the local supermarket, by all means wear to do both, as each ladies Grubs boot has a removable NITROCELL footbed that's 6mm thick. Comprised of a special nitrogen bubble structure, your NITROCELL insoles will ensure each and every step is cushioned and insulated. For women buying wellie boots, the main problem and question asked, is "will the upper calf of the boot fit my calves snugly"? Grubs have used their eight years of experience to produce a material that is able to stretch a further 100% upon its original size - perfect if you are likely to face temperatures in the range of -10 to 30 Celcius (85 Fahrenheit to sub zero)! Hopefully you won't! But it good to know that your pair of Grubs Frostline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Fuchsia are up to the job.

Product Details

  • Colour: Fuschia Pink
  • Other Available Colours: Yes - Moss Green, Violet & Black
  • Boot Length: Knee Length
  • Available UK Sizes: 4-8

 Features of The Grubs Frostline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Fuschia:

  • INSU-FOAM ULTRA -  A compression set of less than 7% compared to 20-25% to be found in other neoprene boots.
  • 5.0 TECHNOLOGY - A moisture wicking terry knit liner for ultimate dryness and stretchability around the calves.
  • Removable 6mm NITROCELL footbed - A nitrogen bubble structure increases the cushioning and insulative properties of the boots foot bed
  • SUPER-DRI lining
  • 2mm Natural Rubber Shell
  • Operate in Temperatures -20 to 30 Celcius (85 Fahrenheit to sub zero)!
  • Self Hardening Layers Of Epoxy Impregnated Material
  • Also Featuring the new TRAX sole with HEXZORB  and DURAPRENE technology.

As stocks are depleted, the new shade will be provided 

Grubs Wellington Boots aren't based upon the latest fashion trends, they are about comfort, safety & practicality. Grubs Wellington Boots are all about innovation through technology and a families multigenerational investment in time, to provide the best footwear available for all activities Outdoors and in...

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Grubs Frostline 5.0 Womens Wellington Boots in Fuchsia

£124.90 - £143.90

Grubs Frostline 5.0 Womens Wellington Boots in Fuchsia

£124.90 - £143.90

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