Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 250-2 Sprinkler

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Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 250/2 Sprinkler

The Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 250/2 Sprinkler, is the perfect sprinkler for individual irrigation of smaller rectangular areas from 25m2 to a maximum of 250m2. The range of spray can reach 7m to a maximum of 18m, it full rotates with an adjustable width of 3.5m to a maximum of 14m. If you want to water higher plants with this garden sprinkler, then you can combine with the Gardena sprinkler tripod for the perfect irrigation of your lawn.

Product Details

  • 1 x Comfort Aquazoom sprinkler

Key features of the Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 250/2 Sprinkler

  • Sprinkler for watering different sized rectangular areas
  • Area coverage 25m2 - max 250m2
  • Rotates for maximum coverage
  • Adjustable range of spray 7m - max 18m
  • Adjustable width of spray 3.5m - max 14m
  • Can be combined with the GARDENA sprinkler tripod
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Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 250-2 Sprinkler