Garden Wheelbarrows

A garden wheelbarrow is the best way to move materials fast, and they're essential for landscaping, construction, and any DIY projects around the garden. Wheelbarrows have a simple construction of a deep plastic or metal holding tray attached to a steel frame with one or two wheels in the front for easy mobility, two legs in the back for stability when parked, and two handles that making lifting and pushing a filled wheelbarrow anywhere an easy task. Most wheelbarrows have a single wheel which makes them easy to manoeuvre along narrow garden paths, but there are also duo-wheel options available for a little added stability and weight capacity.

Plastic wheelbarrows are well-suited for home use as they are light-weight when empty but have a galvanised steel frame for great stability when full. They're easy to move around your garden or allotment and perfect for replanting flowers, moving around mulch, and any other home gardening projects. Even though they are light, the plastic trays are made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or other hardened plastics. This means you'll never have to worry about rust, making these wheel barrows especially long-lasting tools when cared for properly.

Metal wheelbarrows are sturdy and perfectly suited for moving heavy-duty materials, building supplies, and industrial equipment. Steel wheelbarrows are heavier than plastic ones, but this makes them incredibly durable and ideal for hauling heavier materials. They won?t buckle under the weight of gravel, bricks, or even cement, although they can be too heavy to move if you overfill them. Because of how sturdy they are, a steel wheelbarrow can have a very long life; however, they are susceptible to rust and should never be left outdoors and exposed to rain or snow for an extended period. Metal wheelbarrows are ideal tools for mixing small loads of cement or concrete, but it's important to clean them thoroughly after projects like this to ensure they can be used for many years to come.

Two-wheel wheelbarrows are the best choice for added stability on heavier jobs, although they can be more difficult to move around tight spaces than single-wheel wheelbarrows. These sturdy hand carts also come in both metal and plastic options and typically have increased capacity, up to 200 litres. County wheelbarrows are a popular choice for both home and industrial use. They come in all varieties of metal, plastic, single-wheel, and double-wheel styles. They also offer a wide selection of colours, great for blending into your garden or even for assigning multiple wheelbarrows on a construction site to specific uses.

Lasher wheelbarrows are another great choice for both home and industry, with durable wheelbarrows made from 100% recycled materials. These eco-friendly options are built to last and come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty to ensure quality. Some of these wheelbarrows even feature ergonomic handles for additional comfort while working. See our range of garden trolleys and trailers for even bigger carting options.

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