Garden Water Butts

Water butts have become increasingly popular as rainwater water harvesting is great for the environment, it's cost effective and plants love natural rainwater. Water butts work by tapping into a drain pipe with a water butt connector kit and diverting rainwater from the gutters into your storage barrel or tank. Once the water butt is completely full, the overflow water continues down the drain as normal.

If you water your garden often then collecting rainwater will help you stay water wise and save you money. Rainwater catchment systems are especially efficient and convenient for use on allotments or in gardens with no outdoor tap, and you can find tanks in various sizes and styles, all fitted with their own tap.

Water butt design has come a long way over the years, and there are many options available to fit your garden scheme. Algreen - Gardi water butts are some of our most popular as they're made to look like a large terracotta urn planter, making them an attractive feature in your garden.

Standard water butts are also popular as they are functional, easy to install, and can collect from 100 litres up to 333 litres, with slimline versions also in the range. Original Organics offer a wide range of stylish and practical water tanks that are ideal for conserving water for extended use.

If you really want to disguise the water butt then the wall tank water harvesting system may be well-worth considering. They resemble a louvred fence panel from the front but are rectangular 350 litre collecting tanks. They're so well-disguised they will fit up against a house without being noticed, perfectly blending in with your landscape scheme. Garantia wall tanks are a great choice, and there are several other styles available that will work for any garden.

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