Garden Strimmers & Line Trimmers

Strimmers or grass trimmers are a useful tool to help you with your garden maintenance, as they are ideal for cutting the grass in areas when a lawnmower can?t reach, for example edges of lawns, around bases of trees or up against walls. Once you have mowed your lawn and strimmed it you will have a complete cut lawn appearance.

How does a strimmer work?

A line strimmer or trimmer works on the principle that the high rotational speed of the line located in a housing at the base of the strimmer, spins fast enough to cut grass and some woody plants with great effect. The strimmer line is a consumable item that can be easy replaced and comes in a pre-loaded cassette. This is a video showing how the ego lithium battery strimmer works, however whatever the power source the principle of strimming is the same.

What Model should I go for?

Battery/Cordless Garden Strimmers are becoming more and more popular due to advancements in Lithium Ion batteries. Charge time has now become greatly reduced, whilst operation times have become much longer. Cordless models aren?t held back by annoying wires allowing you to use them far away from a power source.

Electric Garden Strimmers are suitable for lawns of all sizes. Electric models are quieter and therefore perfect for residential areas. However, you will be limited to the cable length.

Petrol Garden Strimmers are often used people who do lots of garden maintenance as there?s no restriction on cable length and can virtually strim anywhere. They tend to be more powerful than electric or cordless models, making them ideal for tackling longer and vegetation. Petrol grass strimmers are effective at cutting overgrown grass and coarse weeds with little effort over larger areas. Petrol strimmers do come with a harness to wear over your shoulder to take some of the weight of the machine whilst strimming.

We do recommend a strimmer safety kit be worn when strimming, as small stones and debris can fly up into your face. The minimum protection should be a safety visor with ear protectors.

Handheld Garden Strimmers are the most popular form of strimmer and for good reason. They are comfortable and easy to control and offer simple storage. They come in the form of battery, electric and petrol models.

Wheeled Garden Strimmers are designed for the rapid clearance of long grass such as in meadows woodland, banks and boarders. They do require a much larger storage space however.

Trusted Brands of garden strimmers include Bosch, Cobra, Ego, Greenworks, McCulloch and many more. Ego, and Greenworks, specialize primarily in cordless models, Flymo are a popular brand with many gardeners seeking a budget strimmers with many innovative features, whilst the Husqvarna brand McCulloch and Cobra specialise in petrol strimmers.

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