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No matter how big or small your garden, a shed can be essential for organising your outdoor space and keeping your garden tools secure. They come in many different varieties, from compact weather-proof cupboards to big, bright potting sheds, so finding the right one can feel overwhelming. Consider what you need from your shed and how much space you have, and then use a few easy refinements to narrow your search.

Material – Choosing the outer material for your shed is perhaps the most important part of narrowing your search, and you’ll see three main types: wood, plastic, and metal.

Wooden sheds are typically manufactured from pine timbers sourced from renewable forests in Eastern Europe and Scotland, and they are popular for both attractiveness and affordability. They require some maintenance to keep them durable over time, but wood is the clear choice if you want to paint your shed to blend in with your garden.

Plastic sheds are sometimes known as resin sheds and are hard wearing, lightweight, and practically maintenance free. These sheds are easy to assemble, but some of them do not come with a floor and should be mounted on a pre-finished concrete base. Because of their light weight and construction, they are not ideal for hanging storage so you may want to consider free-standing shelves to for more efficient storage.

Metal sheds are also typically low maintenance, and some of the higher-end sheds can offer a high level of security if you are away from home often. These rodent-proof sheds are secure against most elements and ideal for storing seed, soil, and feed, but they can deteriorate over time in salty coastal areas. They are best suited to shady areas of your garden as they can become hot in direct sunlight and collect condensation.

Roof and door type: Roof and door types are also important considerations when deciding how to place your shed. Apex or pitched roofs come to a point and stand a bit taller in your garden. This roof type can have both single and double door options, so they offer a little more space to store big items like lawn mowers, parasols, and outdoor furniture. Pent roof sheds can still be spacious but they have shorter, slanted roofs and typically have single doors and a fixed orientation.

Construction:Wooden sheds vary in their cladding and offer different benefits depending on which type you get. Overlap construction is an inexpensive option that protects from the rain but has a little more ventilation. Tongue and groove walls are generally made from thicker timbers that overlap and will be more durable and watertight. Shiplap sheds are like tongue and groove with the addition of a lip between each panel for even more protection from the elements.

Other shed types: It’s a good idea to consider any special use you may need out of your shed. A potting shed with windows to let in the sun is handy for keeping a nursery. For storing more valuable equipment or bicycles, you may want a heavy-duty security shed for added protection.

Don’t forget to include a base with your shed if you don’t already have a pre-finished patch in your garden. If you’re looking for something a little bigger or smaller, check our full garden buildings category for more outbuilding options.

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