Garden Sack Trucks

A high quality sack truck will allow for easy carriage of heavy and awkward items such as patio paving and compost. Wheelbarrows are great but it can be nearly impossible to lift heavy items into a wheelbarrow, whilst sack trucks are already at ground level. To add to this, they can go upstairs much easier than large and awkward wheelbarrows, so if you have steps in your garden they will be essential for lifting heavy items upstairs.

Most standard models can cope with loads of upto 200kg, whilst heavier duty designs can cope with loads up to 250kg. These are perfect with carrying heavy compost bags, paving stones and other heavy garden items quickly and easily.

When selecting a sack truck you really need to start with the intended use and the ground it will be used on. Many models feature chunky pneumatic tyres, enabling them to cope with different types of terrain, as well as not get bogged down in muddy areas. If you plan to use your sack truck on firm ground you could look a the standard tyres which can offer better value for money.

Festival Uses

Being able to cope with heavy loads up to 250kg and chunky pneumatic tyres make sack trucks are very popular festival item. Remove the stress and pain of carrying heavy bags and beer by stacking heavier items, make sure they’re properly secured and simply pull them along. Pneumatic tyres mean even when they are weighed down they won’t get stuck down in boggy mud. Soft grip handles as well make our models extremely comfortable to pull along.

Folding Sack Trucks

Finally, if you have a limited amount of space available in your garden, our Folding Garden Sack Trucks are an ideal solution as they take up minimal space when not in use. A folding model allows you to carry a larger range of items as well if necessary.

Sack trucks usage doesn’t just stop in your garden, they can be used for a magnitude of tasks and are certainly worth the money. Whether you are moving house or helping someone to move, they are perfect as multiple boxes and items can be stacked quickly and safely as long as they are secured.

We sell major brands including Cobra, County Barrow and Handy.

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