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Pressure washers are the must-have cleaning tool for all of your garden and outdoor cleaning tasks. A pressure washer is a high-pressure sprayer used to remove dirt and grime from buildings, vehicles, hard surfaces and some outdoor furniture. They work by driving water through a high-pressure water pump which is directed through a hose or lance, and operated through a trigger gun-style switch. They give you the power and control for the most effective outdoor clean and the UK’s best selling brand is Karcher.

Versatile and easy to use, power washers make light work of common household tasks – they can be used to remove loose paint and mud from everything, from your back patio to your bicycle or garden shed.

Many pressure washer models will let you set the intensity of water pressure used. Before your purchase it is important to consider what you are going to use your pressure washer for as they offer a choice of flow rates, from high pressure jet washers to a lower flow, to be able to tackle a variety of the toughest cleaning jobs. In addition to this certain brands such as Karcher offer a wide range of accessories such as the T Racer which makes patio cleaning a tidy affair.

Which Pressure Washer should I buy?

Pressure Washers are powered by either electric or petrol models.

Electric Pressure Washers are the most popular as they are smaller, lightweight, cheaper and easier to manoeuvre. They are perfect if you are using them from one, static location and if you don’t want to worry about refuelling.

Petrol Pressure Washers tend to be more powerful than electric models, and because of this, tend to be more efficient. Having no cables means that you can take them anywhere making them ideal for commercial uses.

We also have a large range of pressure Washer Accessories, perfect for a manner of jobs. These include extension hoses, universal cleaners, lance extensions and many more products.

We stock major brands such as Karcher – a leader in electric pressure washers, and Briggs & Stratton, who specialise in petrol models.

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