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Norlog Garden Planters

Norlog planters are manufactured from interlocking logs that are really simple to assemble without the need for screws and fixings. The length of timbers are angled and lock together in rows and in no time at all you can build a wooden planter. The timbers are high quality pressure treated Swedish redwood timbers that can be painted if required, so can fit into any garden landscape scheme. The range of Norlog wooden planters include a flat back range, which are ideal for placing against a garden wall or fence. The Buildround planter is ideal if you have a post in position already and want to create a raised planter around the post, a good example of this is building around a wooden Pergola post. Within the Norlog planter range there is a six section herb wheel, a wishing well planter which is flat backed and comes with a pretty timber roof and ample planting area.
Norlog also have a range of Planter Tree Seats that you can easily build around a tree trunk and then plant out to make a spectacular feature. The advantage also to the Norlog Planters is they can easily be disassembled, so if you decide to relocate the planter you simply unlock the logs to disassemble.
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