Grange Picnic Tables

Grange picnic tables are fine examples of the quality available from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pressure-treated timber garden products, and this collection of wooden picnic benches are ideal for civic use.

Gramge’s wooden picnic benches are available in two styles, round or rectangular, and they can seat up to 8 people. Some bench seating comes with the luxury of seat backs, and that extra back support makes them ideal for schools, preventing younger children from falling off the bench seating. Another great option is the rectangular bench with foldable seats, so the benches can be raised when not in use. This is often used for better access for wheelchairs, as it allows them to get nearer to the table.

Grange’s refectory-style picnic table with separate bench seating is a popular choice, as the seating is not fixed to the table and can be moved as required. Round picnic benches are always popular and allow 8 adults to sit in a relatively small space, so they’re often used commercially in bars and pub gardens. Grange pressure treats each picnic bench to ensure you need little maintenance, and they offer a 20-year limited warranty against rot.

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