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Everybody knows what a rectangular picnic bench looks like, however there are lots of variations of picnic tables available that are more unusual, with a range for domestic or commercial use.

Picnic benches provide an incredibly functional outdoor seating area where families can gather for a spot of lunch or refreshing drinks in the evening and the benefit is, they are very robust, need virtually no maintenance, and can seat a lot of people in a small area and this could be why they are so popular in pubs, bars and schools.

Seating Capacity: The first thing to consider is the amount of people you want to seat, if you just want to accommodate your family, then we have a range of lovely 4 to 6 seat picnic benches. If you enjoy hosting garden parties then additional seating would be handy to have, so you may want to look at the 8 seat picnic benches. Round picnic benches allow you to seat 6 or even 8 people around a round table, with individual seats attached. The benefit of a round table is you generally have more arm space when seated around the table, so could be better for adults or for outdoor dining in schools.

Material: The most common material for a picnic bench is Pine wood, it offers a chunky timber structure and comes with a pressure treated finish, and so displays an attractive brown/ green coloured smooth finish.
If you are looking more towards a commercial grade picnic bench then the BrackenStyle benches could be an option. These picnic tables are made from 100% recycled plastic with a reinforced steel structure. They are fully water, rust, mould and rot resistant with no maintenance required. If security is an issue then hard ground bolt downs brackets are also available.

Shape and Size: The most popular shapes are rectangular and circular but we do have additional shapes such as square. Rectangular picnic tables come with straight benches offering ample space for each person. Most of the round picnic tables are designed with individual seats and can seat between 4 to 8 people.

Point to consider before buying a bench: Take in to consideration the amount of space you have in the garden to fit a picnic bench, or if used in a commercial restaurant or bar situation, do you need a parasol hole? Do they need to put together to form a line of picnic tables to seat larger groups? Do you need wheelchair access?

Depending on the shape and size of your garden, we have a variety of styles to choose from and many come with a parasol hole so you can keep shaded as you dine outdoors.

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