Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever Parasols or "Banana Parasols" offer the perfect shade solution for your garden, as they are designed to be positioned to hang over a furniture or garden sofa set providing protection from the sun. Cantilever parasols can be known as side post parasol or even a hanging or banana parasol. They always require a substantial weighted base as this counteracts the parasol overhang and creates the perfect balanced parasol.

The bases can often come with wheels so that you can reposition the banana parasol easily, with some cantilever parasols which can be angled and are rotational covering the whole 360° giving more shaded options. This means you can position your banana parasol away from yourselves but still benefit from the shade and clear space overhead. Within our range, we offer a range of round cantilever parasols, square and even rectangular shaped canopies, ranging from 3m right up to 5m in size.

Commercial Cantilever Parasols with ground fixed bases are also available; suitable for bars and cafes. Brambelcrest, Maze, Bambrella and May Sun Shades, are four of the leading Cantilever parasol manufacturers.

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