Garden Multi-tools

A garden multi tool can offer you the freedom of owning a single tool with interchangeable cutting heads all within one handy machine. They are ideal if you need to tackle several different gardening jobs but don’t want to spend lots of money on purchasing every tool separately, let alone having the issue of storing all those cumbersome tools.

Whilst you can purchase all multi tool heads individually, the best value is when buying them as a pack such as the Handy Muti cutter set or the Cobra Multi Tool system. Within these you can have a mini chain saw which is great for chunkier branches, an articulating hedge trimmer which is idea for topping off hedges, a brush cutter and a strimmer attachment. Having all of these tools in one compact unit is surely the best way to use garden power tools?

As you only need one machine, all the attachments will run off the same power source, therefore you can easily pack them up. This also means you will have low maintenance costs. Having one petrol garden multi tool instead of four or five means you don’t have to worry about maintaining multiple machines, reducing the amount of time spent servicing.

Which Garden Multi-Tool will be good for you?

Whether you are after just a couple of specific attachments or a complete set, they offer a complete garden cutting solution for most situations. Below is a helpful guide on selecting the right multi tool power type for you and these are either powered by Battery/Cordless, Electric or Petrol.

Petrol Garden Multi-Tools tend to be the most powerful form of tool available. To add to this, they can travel further away from the house due to not being restricted by wires.

Battery/Cordless Multi Tools are perfect because they are so versatile and they can be taken anywhere as they are not held back by cords. Advancements in Lithium Ion technology mean charge times have reduced, whilst run times have increased, making cordless models more reliable than ever before.

Electric Garden Multi-Tools are extremely reliable as they rely on a mains power source. However, they are restricted in where they can go due to being held back by cords. This means you may not be able to tend your garden in restricted areas or spaces far away from a power source.

There are many options available across the brands however the Cobra Multi-Tool range is our most popular and for good reason. With either 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 sets these tools are fantastic value for money.

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