Gardena Micro Irrigation

A Gardena Micro Irrigation system is a watering system that is an automated alternative to standard garden hoses that will keep your garden watered all year. It adds flexibility and control to your garden, ensuring your plants get exactly as much water as they need and not a drop more. Even when you’re on holiday, they’ll continue to work without interruption, so you don’t have to worry about asking someone to take care of your garden, and you can relax abroad knowing your garden is in your own safe hands. Whether you want a fully automatic watering system or just partial irrigation, you’ll have full control.

A micro irrigation starter set is the best way to get your feet wet. This kit includes a water computer, master control unit, drip heads, pipe pegs, end caps, connecting pipes, and everything else you need to get started.

Different timers and control units will help you make the best custom setup. They install directly to the tap and some can even divide the flow to different parts of your garden. There are a few that require manual operation with the press of a button, but most use a water computer that can handle a variety of watering frequencies and flows for multiple cycles per day and multiple days per week.

A soil moisture sensor adds even more efficiency to your system and will help you save water and ensure you don’t overwater your plants after several rainy days in a row. Simply set the desired moisture levels and the sensor will turn the system on and off automatically as needed. These can be especially useful for regulating garden moisture if you’ll be away from home for extended periods.

Everything is fully customisable in these DIY home watering sets and you can easily add more pipes, drip heads, mist and spray nozzles, and sprinklers to your setup as needed to make the most optimised watering system for your garden. Micro drips work equally well in flowerbeds, pots, or raised vegetable beds, so there is no garden too big or too small that couldn’t benefit from a controlled watering system.

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