Gardena Micro Irrigation

With a Gardena Micro Irrigation System, an enthusiastic gardener doesn't need to feel limited in the amount of time they can go on holiday for over the summer. When a gardener goes on holiday, often it can lead to the detriment of their collection of plants in their garden. Obviously no budding gardener would want their plants to suffer but this limits the time you are able to get away for, as if you have a two week holiday during the peak of summer then it is going to be more harmful than if you had a holiday during the off season. Gardena's micro irrigation systems can be set up to automatically water your plants whilst you are away, allowing you to take the holiday you deserve!

Irrigation systems make for an alternative to the standard hose pipes that get used when normally watering your garden, offering a new way to water your garden, whether yours is based around flowerbeds, pots or raised vegetable beds.

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