Garden Log Splitters

Log splitters are becoming increasingly popular in large part thanks to the growth in wood burning stoves. They have turned log chopping from a potentially dangerous chore into a safe and easy to use operation. What used to be a long and time consuming task has now become light work. Logs are split down into two or four even pieces, making your log piles look extremely neat and perfectly sized for a fire. Some of our models have a four way wedge if you would prefer to split your wood into four even pieces.

Log splitters are useful for anyone who has an open fire or log burner. For logs to be easy to store they frequently need to be of a certain size. Splitters can quickly and accurately do this, whereas chainsaws can’t. The majority of our models have wheels attached, making them easy to move around, as well as easy to store.

Types of Log Splitter

Log Splitter design comes in the form of horizontal and vertical splitting.

Horizontal Log Splitters tend to be smaller, less expensive and ideal for domestic usage, when you have lower volumes of logs and smaller sizes. Our range of horizontal models includes products that have stands, making it easier than ever to load the logs. If the product does not include a stand, these are also sold separately if you wish.

Vertical Log Splitters are normally more adept for larger tasks such as splitting larger logs or higher volumes. Vertical models are more popular for commercial usage. Vertical models tend to be much larger than horizontal models, so they require more storage space. They’re ideal if you’re going to be preparing firewood regularly for a larger sized property, or if you have more than one wood burner.

Our range of splitters are available as petrol, electric or more cost-effective manual models.

Petrol Log Splitters tend to be more powerful, but should not be used in indoor areas such as garages or sheds due to fumes. Being cable free allows you to split wood further away from the house, which could be very useful if you have to collect logs quite far away from your garden space.

Electric Log Splitters require less maintenance than petrol models, and are less messy to use. They offer less power than petrol splitters but are likely to be more suitable for the majority of households needs. They also tend to be smaller and sold with stands, perfect for less bending.

Manual Log Splitters are operated by either a lever or foot pump. They require no form of fuel, and because of this they tend to be very cost effective. As there is no form of electricity or petrol, they also tend to be very low maintenance. They are more suitable for smaller volumes and smaller sized of logs.

We sell two major brands of log splitters – Handy and Cobra.

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