Garden Log Cabins

Create a brand new luxury space in your garden with a Log Cabin. Our Log Cabins come in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on what the best fit will be for your garden.

All of our log cabins are insulated, making them perfect for year round use, made from FSC certified timber, and some have the option of an installation service – taking the stress out of building it yourself.

A garden building is the perfect way to entertain friends and family during the summer, or simply for escaping the pressures and stress of modern life. To add to this, A Garden Building gives you the opportunity to create a unique space that can be multi-functional.

The Cabin can be transformed into a garden room, ideal for relaxing in the summer, as a gym space, a garden office or even as a garden bedroom.

Converting your log cabin into a garden office will allow you to work from the comfort of your own garden, resulting in the shortest commute in history.

Having a Log Cabin will not only make a statement, but will prove to be a practical, stylish and fun addition to any modern or traditional garden, that will also last for years.

We have four major brands that sell log cabins – Mercia, Forest Garden, Palmako and Rowlinson.

Mercia Log Cabins – A Mercia Log Cabin isn’t just a garden room, it is an extension of your home. They often come with a choice of 19mm, 28mm, 34mm and 44mm logs manufactured from kiln dried smooth planed Baltic pine timber, all of which is FSC. Many of the Mercia log cabins have an option for double glazing, which is great if you want to extend the use through the seasons. Sizes vary from 2.7m x 2.5m – small but stylish cabins, up to 5m x 4m – large garden buildings that are ideal for a number of functions. All Mercia Log Cabins can be installed, removing the stress, making it extremely easy to have installed in your garden.

Forest Garden Log Cabins - The Forest garden Log Cabin range is really versatile as there are cabins that can be used as a summer house or a garden office and you can select an unassembled version or you can opt for the assembled Log Cabin option and take the stress out of setting it up yourselves. Forest Garden Log cabins come with two window types either tall contemporary double glazed windows, or small paned windows offering a more traditional appearance.

Palmako Log Cabins – The Palmako Log Cabin range features extremely impressive and comfortable garden buildings that will look grand in any garden setting. The Cabins have been constructed from quality sourced Nordic spruce wood, tongue and groove floor and roof boards, chalet cut logs and treated foundation joists and terrace boards. With Palmako, quality is assured, and every cabin has a 5 year guarantee.

Rowlinson Log Cabins - Rowlinson Log Cabins are among the best log cabins that we sell. For excellent quality log cabins choose from our selection of Rowlinson Log Cabins - traditional and most definitely charming, Rowlinson Log Cabins are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards and use timbers that have all been sourced from responsible sources. Add to that Rowlinson's 80 years of garden building experience, and you can be assured that your new Rowlinson Log Cabin is a log cabin that will stand the test of time.

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