Garden Lawn Sweepers

Garden lawn sweepers make light work of clearing leaves and small debris from your lawn, path or driveway and mainly fall under either a Towed or pushed design. Towed models are sweepers designed to be hitched to a ride-on-mower or tractor and are ideal if you want to clear a larger space in a short period of time, they are ideal for leaves, grass cuttings and lawn debris. The hoppers are large and easily emptied from the tractor seat, speeding up the process. Push powered models are useful for smaller outdoor spaces, such as lawns and paths and can make clearing up autumn leaves a much quicker task than even a garden vac could. A Push sweeper also provides a great value-for-money, low cost alternative to powered vacuums and blowers and with the added benefit of not requiring any power supply.

Our Lawn Sweepers are durable and lightweight, making them easy to push, rust resistant, as well as easy to clean after use. Some models also fold down making it storing items easier than ever which is ideal for a small shed. Large capacity collection bags are perfect for collecting a sizeable amounts of debris which could then be used for composting.

Solid chunky tyres mean our sweepers can cope with a variety of terrain, as well as different grass types and heights. To add to this, our new sweepers are capable of cleaning pavements, roads, courtyards, driveways and garages, and they features two side brooms in order to funnel as much debris as possible. If you are looking at investing in one we’d highly suggest investing in an Agri Fab, Handy, or Karcher push sweeper.

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