Garden Lawn Rollers

Investing in a quality garden lawn roller will efficiently smooth out all of your lawn’s irregularities with ease, but does your lawn need it? Rolling your lawn will give it that professional finish, whilst firming up the top 1” to 2” inches of top soil. However, if you’ve got a hard bump in your lawn a roller will not necessarily address this. Our roller sizes vary from 20” wide, up to 48”, depending on how wide an area you wish to roll.

There are a range of garden rollers available which can be water filled or alternatively can be filled with sand, and are either made from polymer or metal. Filling with water or sand alters the weight depending on how heavy you want your roller to be, and in turn, how heavy you want your roller to be depends on what you want with your lawn. If a roller is too heavy it can actually end up damaging the lawn.

Types of Lawn Roller:

Our rollers are either Push Powered or can be Towed on the back of a tractor/mower.

A push lawn roller usually has soft grip folding handles, making them easy to use. The smaller size makes them best suited to smaller lawns as it can be quite physically demanding using one. The Handy manual lawn rollers continue to be the most popular around.

A towed lawn roller will be much better suited if you would like to roll over a larger lawn or with a heavier weight. These can be attached to the back of tractors in order to take the physical labour and time out of the task of rolling.

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