Christmas Candle Bridges

Christmas Candle Bridges have roots in two very different parts of the world, one of these is from the Menorah in Jewish tradition which revolves around the story of one day's supply of oil lasting for 8 days during Hannukah. The other origin of the candle arch is the Schwibbogen from Saxony, where candle arches were forged from a single piece of black ore. Over time more elaborate designs were made and now, typically, a historical or religious scene is depicted beneath the candles and it is believed this is a part of what modern-day candle arches came from. 

Placing a Xmas candle bridge within your home will shed a warm and festive glow within. Our Candle Bridges are available in many design variations including candlesticks and candle arches constructed from oiled wood and lacquered metal - there is definitely a Candle Arch that is perfect for your Christmas celebrations this year.

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