Garden Hedge Trimmers

A Hedgetrimmer or hedge cutter is essential item of garden machinery for anyone who owns a hedge or shrubbery, as keeping them under control is essential. Garden Hedge Trimmers are the perfect tool if you want to keep hedges and bushes looking neat and tidy and there are a range of power options including Cordless, Electric & petrol. For tall hedges where you may prefer to cut from ground level and not use ladders, you can now also select long reach hedge cutters.

The more advanced models feature extremely useful articulating cutting heads, allowing you to alter blade position meaning you will be able to cut all angles of your garden hedge or bush from the sides to the top. These are perfect for awkwardly shaped hedges or shrubs, or hard to reach greenery. Other models have different attachable blades allowing you to cut a manner of different sized hedges or garden shrubs.

Hedge Trimmer Power Types

Electric Hedge Trimmers run off mains power, and are great for a range of garden sizes depending on whether you have access to extension leads or a power source. Electric models offer lower maintenance and are lightweight, reducing stress on shoulders and arms. However, trailing cables can be a pain and may mean you cannot access certain parts of your garden due to cables holding you back. However, as they are mains powered, they will run for a long period of time, useful for longer tasks.

A Battery Hedge Cutter model will be perfect if you are worried about trailing cables being in the way, or need to cut hedges or bushes that cannot be reached by electric trimmers. No cords mean your movement is not restricted whilst still offering low maintenance and not emitting petrol fumes. Advances in Lithium Ion batteries mean charge time has greatly reduced and run time has increased. However, if you are cutting a large hedge or bush, a petrol or electric model may be more reliable.

A Petrol Hedge Trimmer is useful for harder tasks as they are more powerful and reliable. They tend to have the power to cut thicker branches. Finally, the majority of our petrol trimmers include free 2 stroke oil.

Should I have a Short Reach or Long Reach Trimmer? Long Reach Hedge Trimmers are designed to help cut high up shrubbery and easily, without the use of a ladder, removing the strain out of the job and allowing you to work safely. The longer the blade, the faster you’ll cut your hedge, but if you have smaller bushes and shrubs, a shorter blade will be fine. Long reach trimmers tend to have fixed or extendable shafts, allowing you to the hedge above head height. They also allow you to trim shrubs or low hedges without having to bend down. If you want to do short but often work around the garden on bushes, shrubbery or small trees, a Short Reach Hedge Trimmer would be ideal.

Major brands that we sell include Bosch, Cobra, Echo, Handy, Greenworks and Ryobi.

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