Garden Trolleys & Trailers

A garden trolley or trailer can be extremely useful for moving heavy compost bags, garden waste or tools around the garden and to the avid gardener they can be a real godsend. There are different design options available to suit your size or terrain of garden however one thing is certain, using a garden trolley can save you from a bad back from lifting, especially as they are raised up from the ground.

Trolleys and carts can be bought in all sizes depending on the task ahead, from a simple garden pull cart from brands such as Cobra Garden & The Handy Garden up to towed and tipping trailers by Agri Fab. The newer additions to our range include cordless powered garden trolleys which are proving to be incredibly useful by taking the strain out of moving heavy items around.

What to look for when Selecting A Garden Trolley

Do you need removable sides?
Removable sides to a trolley allows you to quickly convert it from a normal barrow style into a flat bed. This is particularly handy when moving over sized or heavier items as you don’t need to lift over the edge upstand . Cobra & Handy Garden offer one of the most popular products in this style.

Pull Trolley or Towed By A Ride On Mower?
For most gardens a hand pull garden trolley is sufficient to help move things around with ease as you tend to your plants and borders. For larger situations however and in particular if you have a ride on mower or tractor mower

What weight may you need to carry?
It’s always best to think about the intended use and required weight loading of your garden trolley before purchasing and this even more important when it comes to towed garden trailers such as Agri Fab Utility Tipping Trailers. As a general rule large trailers are capable of taking weights of up to 499kg, medium up to 350kg, and small can carry up to 200kg of weight so there’s something to suit almost every task.

Some of our garden trolleys feature removable sides, making it easier than ever to load and unload. With large, chunky wheels a garden trolley cart is easy to move around, and they should be able to handle different terrains. Trolleys can either be pulled by hand using the handle, or attached to a tractor, making it easier than ever to move heavy loads.

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