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The new trend is to extend your home furnishings into the garden, making the garden an extension of your living space. Adding a Garden Sofa to your garden furniture collection just completes this look and enables you to relax in comfort in your garden, just as you would in your home. Garden Sofas come in all shapes and sizes and so there usually a sofa set to suit most garden settings, corner sofas, 2 seat sofas and 3 seat sofas are the most popular and often come with footstools and coffee tables just to complete the inside out look. The current growing trend is for rattan corner dining sets.

Garden Sofas can be manufactured from a variety of materials and an all weather rattan sofa set is the most popular, as its ideal for the UK weather. All of the outdoor sofas comes with deep luxurious cushions ensuring you will be able to sit in absolute comfort in you garden. You may be looking for a wooden outdoor sofa and these are available in Cornis timber or Roble wood (the same qualities as teak) and are manufactured by Alexander Rose, and they come with deep cushions for added comfort. The range of poly rattan all weather garden sofas available are generally maintenance free and some of the sofa sets even come with all weather 3 or 4 season cushions, allowing you to retain your cushions outdoors. The most popular manufacturers of these sofas are Maze Rattan, Bramblecrest, Leisuregrow and Alexander Rose, all offering a vast selection of garden sofas suiting all garden shapes and sizes, and there's plenty to choose from. All you need to decide is the shape of the sofa, how many you need to seat, what style do you want - ie square arms , rounded backed, 2 or 3 seat sofa, corner sofas, sofa that incorporates a day bed. Once you have decided the shape the next choice will be the style, ie all weather rattan corner sofa, wooden garden sofa or even a contemporary, modern garden sofa.

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