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A garden sofa set is the ultimate in luxury and design, turning any outdoor space into a lush garden lounge that’s just as comfortable as your living room. A garden sofa set, also known as a garden lounge set, is essentially a set of matching garden furniture including a variety of sofas, chairs, footstools, and coffee tables or side tables. Depending on the sofa size, each set can comfortably seat 4 up to 10 people for casual outdoor entertaining. These garden furniture sets will extend your home into the outdoors, creating a relaxing outdoor living space where you can spend the day in the sun enjoying hours of conversation with family and friends.

Garden sofas are available in a wide range of styles suitable for almost any size garden. Some 2-seat sofa sets sound small but actually feature large, comfortable armchairs that take up a fair amount of space. Likewise, some 3-seat sofas and corner sofas are naturally longer and wider but can be quite compact and work well in small gardens where a lot of seating is needed. Start your search by looking over the furniture materials and sofa style you want, but don’t be afraid to look at other options as well for styles that may surprise you.

Different frame materials offer different benefits for your outdoor furniture.

All-weather rattan garden sofas are our most popular sets, with rust-proof aluminium frames, hand-woven synthetic cane, and soft colourful cushions; natural looking rattan sofas and chairs and other polyrattan furniture can easily match existing garden furniture and décor. Maze Rattan sofa sets are a popular choice for both style and comfort, and some of these rattan sets include an ice bucket for added convenience.

Metal garden furniture with a powder-coated wrought iron finish is incredibly sturdy and hard-wearing, and they have big, cosy cushions meaning you won’t have to compromise on comfort for the added durability.

Wooden sofas and wooden garden furniture offer a modern style and great durability – solid hardwood furniture sets weather well and blend effortlessly into outdoor spaces.

Fabric garden sofas are synonymous with garden lounging, offering the finest in outdoor luxury and comfort. Sunbrella furniture by Maze Rattan looks more like indoor lounge furniture than garden furniture, but these cushioned sofas and chairs are specially crafted for year-round outdoor use. Sunbrella fabric is resistant to mould, stains, chlorine, salt water, and UV light, and it’s easy to clean with mild soap and water. These durable outdoor sofas are incredibly popular for commercial use at hotels and clubs, and they’re a great way to expand your indoors into your garden.

Sofa styles

Another important consideration for your garden furniture set is whether you want a 2-seat sofa, a 3-seat sofa, or a corner sofa for your garden lounge. All our 2-seat sofas and 3-seat sofas come with an arrangement of 2 additional armchairs and a coffee table, and they comfortably accommodate 4 or 5 people. These outdoor sofa sets have versatile layouts and can easily be separated for use in different areas of your garden or conservatory.

A corner garden sofa is the ultimate way to create a luxury living room outdoors. Corner sofas are also called L-shape sofas, and they are a great way to add a little more room to your garden and make the most of empty corner space. These sofas can have a round corner for a continuous look and feel or a sharp corner for straighter lines and narrow spaces. A corner garden sofa set will include a table or footstool, and some arrangements include a separate garden armchair. Garden corner sofas are often more modular by design, and on some sets, you can easily add or remove sections to accommodate different sofa configurations.

Bramblecrest rattan sofa sets offer a lot of flexibility to make your own custom combination of outdoor furniture, so they’re a popular choice for adding additional seating to big gardens or for picking one or two inexpensive pieces for smaller spaces and patios. Alexander Rose garden sofa sets are available with woven rattan, cast metal, and chunky wooden frames, and they are a popular option for both domestic and commercial use.

Use a cantilever parasol, a firepit, and other outdoor living ideas to lengthen your garden lounging on sunny days and cool evenings and really turn your garden into a second living room. Most garden sofa sets will include a small square or rectangular coffee table, suitable for drinks and snacks; see our garden dining sets for even bigger tables and convenient outdoor dining.

There are many 2-seat garden sofas great for modest gardens, and a small corner sofa can be a great space saver, but even small garden sofa sets may be too big for some spaces. For very small gardens and patios without room for a full lounge set, consider a Bistro set or companion seat instead, for more compact comfort and style.

Can my garden sofas and furniture sets be left outside all year?

Yes! It may surprise you to know that even the most lavish garden sofas and chairs are suitable for storage and use outdoors, all year and in all weather. Generally, cushions that are removable should be stored indoors when not in use, although some 3-season cushions only need to be stored indoors during winter, so be sure to check the care instructions for your individual set. All our sofa frames and attached cushions are weatherproof and can be kept outdoors all year.

It is a good idea to use a garden furniture cover in winter to help extend the life of your outdoor sofa, but it’s not required. A lifestyle cover will easily fit on your L-shape sofa or corner sofa without needing to rearrange your sofa set. Even after months with no use, garden furniture including Sunbrella sofas can easily be cleaned with soapy water to be ready for lounging again in minutes.

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