Garden Shredders

A garden shredder or chipper is designed to mulch your garden clippings and cuttings, making it easy to dispose of garden waste or make your own mulch. This essential piece of garden machinery is ideal for minimising waste and can eliminate the need of hiring a gardening service. Shredders and chippers are easy to use at home and come in a wide range of sizes from portable domestic-use shredders to towable commercial-use chippers used by professional landscapers.

You’ll find shredders and chippers with two different fuel types – electric or petrol – and two different mulching mechanisms – impact or silent – and each combination of types has certain benefits.

Electric shredders are well-suited for home garden use and they can be surprisingly affordable. They can handle branches 30-45 mm in diameter depending on the shredder, and will be just right for most gardeners. Petrol chippers pack more of a punch and are great for big gardens and commercial use and can handle branch diameters of 70-80 mm with ease.

Impact shredders can be either electric or petrol and they work exactly how they sound. They cut woody material with sharp rotating blades immediately upon impact. This means they work quickly as you feed in garden waste, so you’ll be done with your garden clean up in minutes.

Silent shredders are always electric and work by a more indirect shredding mechanism. Instead of a high-speed motor and sharp blades, these shredders have a slower gear train that crushes branches and other waste at a slower speed, greatly reducing the noise. They still make a bit of sound but they are much quieter than other shredders and are ideal for domestic use.

Bosch electric shredders are a great option for home garden use with compact designs and quieter operation. Handy is another great option for domestic use with both electric and petrol shredders ready to tackle bigger jobs at home.

Domestic-use shredders will include either a collection box or hooks for attaching a garden waste bag for easy clean up. Each chipper has its own safety features such as plungers, safety screens, motor brakes, and other features to ensure safe operation.

For more commercial use, you’ll want one of our more powerful petrol-powered impact chippers. Chippers from Mighty Mac have wide-mouth hoppers that work well for loading much larger debris that other shredders can’t handle. Eliet shredders are popular with councils for parks and other municipal clean up. Most of these chippers can be mounted or towed for great mobility from one job to the next.

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