Garden Hammocks

Classical Garden Hammocks are very popular as they are extremely comfortable and relaxing and can be used almost anywhere. Essentially a hammock is a canvas sling suspended between two points, which could be between two trees, or a purpose made hammock stand. They are fixed to the tree or stand using a smart rope mechanism, which is simple to fix into position. Amazonas are the leading manufacturer of handmade soft threaded canvas hammocks and their unique Brazilian designs of canvas in bold colours or neutrals, are quite striking and very durable.

Hammocks tend to come in three sizes, single or double or family.

Single Garden Hammocks are slightly smaller with a lying surface approximately 200 x 100 cm and generally have a weight of 1kg. Amazingly they can take the weight up to 120kg. There is an option for a spreader bar, which allows the hammock to stay open.

Double Garden Hammocks or Family Hammocks are much larger in size than singles, and are perfect for use by 2 or more people. Hammock designs go back thousands of years, and although the principle design is still the same, nowadays we have the luxury of adding a purpose made hammock stand either made from powder coated steel or pressure treated laminated timber. Family hammocks are great fun, they are slightly bigger then the double with a lying surface of 160cm x 240cm and can take a family collective weight of 200kg.

Classic sailor style hammocks are available, but more recently a there's an option to have a garden Hammock with a spreader Bar fixed. This bar keeps the hammock open, making it easier to get into and out of. Sometimes the flatness of the hammock with a spreader bar suits the double of family hammock styles.

Sometimes you are only lacking one support you can add a single stand with the other end attached to a tree or wall. Hammock stands are either made from pressure treated, sustainable wood, or metal. They are only compatible with certain models so please check the product description to see if they will suit you.

Complete Hammock Sets are perfect if you want to save the hassle of trying to tie up a hammock to a tree of post, or if you only have one support pole. Remove the stress of erecting your model by purchasing a whole set. This includes the hammock itself as well as the stand.

Travel Hammocks allow you to take your garden hammock anywhere and everywhere. Travel models are so good and versatile because they weigh under 1kg and fit into extremely small bags, allowing you to take your hammock travelling. Traveller Hammocks including a Mosquito net can be an essential kit item for expeditions, they are manufactured from ultra-lightweight breathable nylon fabric with a load capacity of 150kg. Even the mosquito net has an insect repellent Tanatex coating

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