Ladies Muck Boots

Ladies Muck Boots are actually designed a little differently, as women's feet and legs sometimes require a slightly slimmer 'last' in the design for a better fit. To be clear, the 'last' is the basic plan area of the sole. All Muck Boots use an expanded foam to provide high levels of insulation - perfect for those with cold feet.
The Muck Boot Arctic Adventure have been specifically designed with this purpose making them perfect for keeping your toes warm and dry on even the coldest of days, whilst providing a wide range of colours. The sole is perfect for smooth surfaces. If you require a really robust boot for field work and deep muddy ground, the Muck Boot Greta will be more appropriate, as it incorporates a deep lugged sole pattern that will be less prone to clogging in mud & snow. You then have the Ladies Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Tall boot in Green/Black and Black/Black. This has a more general sole that has deep lugs for mud and ample perimeter contact to provide grip on smoother surfaces.
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