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Leaf Blowers and Vacs are an essential item for keeping your garden clear of leaves or debris. Leaves that have become damp are not just a mess, they can also be a slip hazard. A Blower & Vac is the perfect tool to use for clearing high traffic areas such as cark parks, school playgrounds or and public access areas where there are lots of deciduous trees. Some blowers and vacs have a combination setting so designed for blowing and vacuuming, these are the most popular models due to their versatility.

Garden blowers are ideal for keeping your property tidy and safe all year round, making cleaning up jobs much more efficient and they are ideal for moving lots of debris into one large pile which can then be collected easily.

Clearing your garden from debris is extremely important because they can block light to plants, vegetation or grass, as well as harbouring disease. This can affect the health of your greenery, making it essential to stay on top of fallen debris.

Our range of blowers and vacs consists of battery/cordless, electric or petrol models.

Battery/Cordless Models are lightweight and powerful tools perfect for a range of gardens. The hassle of no longer being held back by a cord makes these blowers extremely handy and efficient, giving you the freedom to work anywhere. Due to battery technology becoming much more efficient because of much more efficient Lithium-Ion batteries, charge time is now much shorter, whilst run time has increased.

Electric Blowers and Vacs have a great power output as they can be connected straight to the mains. They tend to be quieter than petrol models, emission free and require virtually no maintenance. The majority of our electric blowers have collection bags, making it extremely easy to vacuum up detritus and easily clear your garden space.

Petrol Blowers and Vacs are ideally suited for larger gardens and heavier duty situations thanks to their increased power and in vac terms, their mulching ability. To add to this, they are also ideal for areas where a power source is not easily accessible. If it's just collecting leaves you require then a petrol garden vacuum may be more suited to your needs.

Wheeled Petrol Garden Vacs are an essential piece of kit if you take Health and Safety seriously, as slippery leaves and debris on a playground or in a public area is a great concern. Petrol wheeled vacuums are simple to use and very effective, and a quick easy solution. They come in various sizes and brands, including the high powered Billy Goat wheel vacuums and blowers.

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