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Garden Arbour Seats

Here at The Internet Gardener, we have a great range of garden arbour seats at affordable prices. Arbours provide the perfect relaxation seat within any garden; our selection of garden arbours contains both wooden arbours & metal arbours, all of which feature various intriguing designs. Our biggest suppliers in this category are Forest Garden & Grange, both of which are pushing boundaries in the product quality, design and finish, perfect for a product destined for a life outdoors.

Our collection of garden arbours for this season now includes corner arbour seats which are great for making use of an empty corner of the garden. The arbour with storage box is a handy item giving a perfect spot in which to store tools, even better if you have limited space for a garden tool store. Finally, there is the wonderful Grange Contemporary arbour which is a first favourite with the Internet Gardener team. In here you will find the arbour seat that is just right for your garden! Browse our full range of garden arbour seats below and buy online today.

Choose your style

There are two main styles of garden arbour, the flatback and the corner. Depending on your garden space, one may be more suitable than the other. By choosing a corner garden arbour, you can make use of redundant corner space and increase the natural seating area easily with a single unit. Of course this can be achieved by using two flatback garden arbours placed perpendicularly to each other. Whilst this method may give a different appearance to a corner garden arbour, the benefits allow you to move the two flat backed garden arbours around to change the layout as you wish. Alternatively you can mix and match with different configurations.

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