Garden Furniture Covers

A garden furniture cover can be a great way to protect your garden furniture over the winter months yet they are so often overlooked. Whilst many may think all garden furniture covers are created equal, there is in fact a vast difference between different brands and materials in their quality and function.

The first thing to look at is the shape and size you require. As outdoor furniture designs have evolved over the years so the covers have had to keep up. With this in mind, our most popular are the Apple rattan daybed cover and the Bosmere corner dining cover which have both been created to fit these unique items. Our exclusive L Shape corner sofa weather covers also allow you to easily cover the sofa in one piece which is idea for larger modular units. Unless you have all season cushions we would always suggest storing your cushions indoors and not under the covers.

Fully Waterproof Garden Furniture Covers:

If you’re after complete protection from water ingress to your furniture set you’ll need a pvc lined cover which has taped seams and joints, much like a waterproof jacket has. Whilst these are usually a little more costly they do give complete peach of mind that rain will not get through to your outdoor furniture which you have invested so much in. This level of garden furniture covers often includes a multiple year warranty.

Garden Furniture Covers For Dirt & Dust Protection:

These are usually a more cost effective solution as they aren’t pvc or waterproof backed however there is an advantage to this type of cover, the material can breathe. By allowing your garden furniture cover to breathe whilst keeping your patio set clean can be a preferred option as it prevents any build-up of water / damp underneath.

Types of garden furniture cover:

Garden dining set covers can be separate table and chair covers or a single cover which is placed over the entire set. This offers better value for money, available for round and rectangular outdoor dining sets.

Garden Sofa Set weather covers are designed to fit most outdoor modular components including sofa armchairs, 2 seat and 3 seat sofas.

Sun lounger covers can be a little more tricky to fit as each lounger has slightly differing dimensions however please ask if we can assist in any way.

Cube Set Weather Covers are one of the best fitting designs across all garden furniture are the square cube shape allows for a snug fit on the cover width.

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