Garden Flame Guns & Weed Burners

Flame Guns are perfect for the removal of overgrown weeds or brush quickly, for example if you have a disused allotment that needs the weeds clearing quickly a flame gun is a great option. If you are wanting to clear weeds between stone, pavings or concrete paths then the Flame gun with a wheeled trolley attachment and wind guard is perfect, you just walk along the joint and incinerate the weeds. They are not to be used on tarmac or decking as they are combustible.

To add to this, they also have the advantage of killing the weed seeds and not just growing plant. In addition, they are also a great form of organic weed control as they eliminate the need for using chemical weed killers.

Most flame guns have a wand or lance which reduces the need to bend when weeding. Depending on the area, most outdoor spaces will require 4-5 treatments per year.

Flame guns are often used by commercial growers to kill weeds and you don’t have to burn the weeds off, just heat them enough so that when you press the leaf between your finger and thumb it goes dark green, weakening the cell walls and then will start to break down after a few hours. Before you start to use your Flame Gun whether it be a Sheen or other brand always check that nothing is living in the undergrowth.

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