Garden Cultivators & Tillers

Garden Cultivators & Tillers are mainly used to prepare soil for planting and are often used to prepare the ground for landscape gardeners, allotment owners, new build gardens or any situation where the ground needs to be improved prior to planting. Cultivators work very similar to a plough but on a much smaller scale, ensuring the soil is turned over.

A Garden tiller addresses the surface of the earth by turning over the top soil and breaking it up into smaller particles, ready for planting. A tiller has tines attached that work to approximately 8” deep, breaking up the top soil whilst aerating it at the same time. Tillers come in two different designs, front-tine or rear-tine. Most often the ground needs to be prepared and tilled in the Spring and Autumn according to your planting season.

Front-Tine tillers are ideal for medium-sized gardens or allotments where the ground is firm but not completely solid. As the wheels are behind the tines on front-tine soil tillers, they are easier to manoeuvre in more compact areas, whether you’re pushing, turning or reversing, and they make breaking fairly hard ground and loosening soil a breeze. To add to this, front-tine tillers tend to be smaller in size than their rear-tine counterparts, making storage and transportation much easier too.

Rear-Tine tillers are perfect for when you need more power to break up very hard or rocky ground over a larger area. They are larger, tougher and more powerful than front-tine tillers, and although they are heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre their weight provides an advantage when you need to loosen very hard ground.

A Tiller is designed to mix up soil that is already loose and stir in compost or fertiliser so that it is ready for planting. They aren’t suitable for breaking up firm ground but they can make your loose soil even finer, making your garden or outdoor space look better than ever.

Our range of cultivators and tillers are powered by battery/cordless, electric or petrol models. Major Brands that available are Cobra, Greenworks and Handy.

Garden Cultivator & Tiller Power Types:

Battery/Cordless Models are perfect for taking down to the allotment as they don’t need to be connected to a mains power source. Lithium Ion batteries deliver fade free power, charge up to 80% in 70 minutes, and they have 40 minutes run time.

Electric Garden Cultivators & Tillers are ideal for tilling over soil and bedding close to a mains power source. Our models have a minimum cable length of 10m and have a strong power output, making them capable of tackling most soil types.

Petrol tillers & Cultivators are regularly spotted in dedicated gardeners veg plots throughout the year and are the ideal solution where a larger veg bed requires a tiller. Petrol Cultivators & Tillers can make light work of preparing large areas of soil in no time at all. Not only that, but with a Petrol cultivator Tiller you don't need a power supply which is so often not available in allotments. Petrol Cultivators & Tillers really are designed for the keen gardener.

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