Construction Machinery

The New Handy range of construction machinery is ideal for any DIY builder or landscaper, as it’s well built and robust. There are two electric cement mixers in the construction range, the more powerful THLCHCM comes with an H frame and wheels with a drum capacity of 125L and a mixing capacity of 90L and a smaller cement mixer THLCVCM with a 134L drum and capacity of 90 L with a smaller motor . Within this Handy construction machinery range there are also two petrol compactor plate machines, these are sometimes referred to as Wacker plate machines, and are ideal for compacting hard landscaping materials or driveway bases etc.

These machines are perfect for hard landscapers as they make light work when laying hardcore under patio paving or when changing levels in the garden, Wacker plate compactor machines help you to make a more professional job and will enable you to be more time efficient when completing construction project work. New to the Handy construction range is the Handy Mini Petrol Transporter, which essentially is a Large heavy duty petrol powered barrow which has a load capacity of 300kg and is manoeuvred easily on tracks, and so ideal for building sites that are tight for space, and very muddy. This Handy Mini transporter with its Briggs and Stratton engine, is perfect for transporting heavy landscaping materials and it makes light work for busy contactors and landscape gardeners alike even in the muddiest conditions due to the caterpillar tracks.
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