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Picking the right conservatory furniture is just as important as furnishing any other part of your home, and cane is the clear choice for style and comfort. Cane furniture is a type of wicker furniture made from rattan vines and soft cushions, and its natural look makes it perfect for use in sunrooms and conservatories. Cane is naturally fast growing, making it a sustainable material and an eco-friendly choice for furniture. It's lightweight and easy to ship and move, but it's also durable and will look great in your home for a lifetime of use.

Desser conservatory furniture comes in a great range of styles from traditional wicker chairs to sleek modern sofas. Popular sets include Dijon, Windsor, Madrid, and Clifton, and each set offers unique sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lamp tables, and footstools. Pick individual pieces for a small conservatory or browse full furniture sets to fill a bigger space.

Cane wicker can be woven in many different ways; although close weaves are common, open weave furniture is also a popular choice and can add more visible space, ideal for a small conservatory. Desser cane furniture is protected by a lacquer that reinforces the rattan, and it leaves the cane with a natural light brown or white colour. There are a few sets with lacquers that offer additional colour options, so be sure to check what's available for each set. Additionally, all our conservatory furniture cushions can be customised with a range of upholstery options to help you match your home d'cor.

Can I use conservatory furniture outdoors?
The short answer is no. Natural rattan and cane furniture needs to be kept dry at all times. Increased moisture levels outside and on grass, even on a dry sunny day, can cause the natural fibres to mould, warp, and even split, so this furniture is only suitable for use indoors and in your conservatory. If you need furniture that's more versatile for occasional outdoor use, check our full garden furniture category for poly-rattan options that also look great in a conservatory. This can give you some flexibility, but be cautious of bringing wet outdoor furniture into your conservatory as this could mean an unintentional increase in humidity that may damage your indoor furniture.

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