Alexander Rose Companion Seats

Alexander Rose companion seats come in two options manufactured from top-grade hardwood, and both styles consist of two chunky timber garden armchairs that are joined together with a V-haped table.

Companion seats are often called conversation seats or love seats as they are designed to seat just two people, and they’re ideal for sitting in and admiring your garden whilst enjoying a relaxing drink and having a chat.

The Alexander Rose roble companion bench is made from the FSC roble timber, harvested from Columbia, and it has the same durability light-coloured lustre as teak. The cornis companion bench is a great affordable hardwood set which is oiled for a smooth brown finish. This timber is sourced from the Congo in central Africa and is an FSC mix. All Alexander Rose wooden garden furniture is manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers. These Alexander Rose love seats make the perfect present for special birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings.

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