Garden Cold Frames

A cold frame is simply a box with a clear sloping lid and an open bottom allowing you to add protection from the cold to any ground space in your garden. These cold frames are low to the ground, creating a compact, controlled growing environment that will keep the soil warm and protect your plants from harsh gusts of wind. Whether you're overwintering plants or eager to get seedlings started in early spring, cold frames are essential for any keen gardener who doesn't have room for a greenhouse.

Any garden or allotment can benefit greatly from having a cold frame, and they're available in multiple sizes and styles to help you grow your own vegetables anywhere you need extra protection. Single cold frames have one opening lid at the top for access and ventilation, and double cold frames have two separate lids allowing you to keep one opened and one closed as needed, adding versatility to what you can grow. A cold frame can be made with wooden or aluminium frames and with clear plastic or glass panels for insulation and sunlight.

Wooden cold frames are an inexpensive option, perfect for smaller gardens. They're made with pressure-treated timber to ensure they won't rot and are topped with a strong plastic lid made with acrylic or Perspex that lets the sunlight in and keeps the cold wind out. Forest Garden cold frames are made with FSC certified timbers that carry a 15-year guarantee against rot, so they're a great choice for long-term use. Zest 4 Leisure double cold frames are made from responsibly sourced pine and spruce timbers that are also pressure treated, so you will be able to overwinter autumn seedlings for many years to come.

Aluminium Cold Frames are sometimes known as mini greenhouses and that's exactly what they look like. A metal cold frame won't rust and is paned with horticultural toughened glass that provides excellent insulation against the elements. These mini greenhouses are typically taller than wooden cold frames, making them ideal for protecting taller plants, and they have sliding glass side panels for easy access and ventilation. Access Garden are an ideal option for gardeners with limited space who still have need of a greenhouse. You can customise these cold frames with optional extras such as shade covers and raised beds, making them a great all-in-one solution for any garden or allotment.

Where is the best place to use a cold frame?
Cold frames are best-positioned directly on the ground, although you can place one anywhere you have a need for frost protection. They can easily fit over other growing spaces including raised beds and patios, as long as they are resting on a flat, stable surface. This makes them ideal in small gardens where space is limited or on an allotment where a greenhouse isn't available. Grange cold frames are another great choice, as they are compact and well-suited to small gardens for protecting perennials, herbs, and other small plants.

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