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Garden Chainsaws are an effective and efficient tool that can be used for tasks such as trimming branches, clearing vegetation, felling trees and sawing logs. They are also capable of tackling tougher jobs such as chopping down trees and sawing larger logs with ease.

A chainsaw cuts with a metal chain with cutting teeth that is driven around an oblong guide bar by the motor. When the chain makes contact with an object the teeth are dragged along its surface and cut into it.

Our models are available in a range of bar lengths ranging from 12' for 20' to suit the diameter of wood you'll be cutting and power types to suit your location. If you are looking to cut hardwoods, you will require a more powerful saw than if you are cutting softwoods. The higher the engine size, the more power and tougher jobs your chainsaw can tackle.

Our chainsaws includes all possible motor varieties, including petrol, battery/cordless and electric models.

Chainsaw Safety

If you are going to operate heavy machinery, we highly recommend wearing the correct safety gear. Major brands of chainsaw include Bosch, Cobra, Handy and many more.

Bosch produce powerful chain saw motors, quality guide bars and chainsaw chains, Bosch chainsaws are the complete domestic chainsaw package. Cobra provide a comprehensive range of chainsaws from domestic to professional. Handy chain saws come with Oregon guide bars and feature attractive and lightweight designs.

What Chainsaw Should I Buy?

Petrol Chainsaws are most commonly powered by 2 stroke engines that provide ample power whether you are a professional or just using it to tidy up your garden. Petrol models tend to be more powerful than electric or battery models, and they do make more noise. They tend to be more useful for heavy duty or frequent work.

Battery/Cordless Chainsaws have the added safety feature of being cordless. When using your cordless chainsaw you no longer have to be concerned about severing the electrical cord making your pruning and cutting in the garden as safe as possible. This allows you to cut in areas which previously may have been restricted. Cordless models have come on a long way in recent years as Lithium Ion technology coupled with increased voltage has led to much improved torque.

Electric Chainsaws provide an excellent solution for gardeners that want the power of a chain saw without having the mess and hassle of a petrol chainsaw - and of course, electric powered models are kinder to the environment as well as quieter. However, as they are corded they cannot go too far from a mains power source, and areas such as shrubbery are hard to access with a cord.

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