Garden Brush Cutters

Brushcutters are a great tool for any professional or keen gardener helping to keep your garden looking neat and tidy all year round. They work by using a metal blade for cutting rather than a nylon string, enabling you to cut heavier vegetation with ease. To add to this, they are lightweight and balanced for comfortable use, as well as extremely easy to operate.

Brushcutters are the ideal product for areas where vegetation needs cutting on banks or hilly ground, or along the edges of ditches or streams. Where this is the case, Loop-handled designs are ideal. Loop-handled models are much easier to maintain balance in difficult positions.

Bike handle brushcutters otherwise known as Cow Horn handles come into their own where the ground is flat and there is a lot of mowing to be done. With this style of unit, it is easy to use a swaying or scything motion. A bike handled model is comfortable, making it perfect for where long hours of work are anticipated.

We also sell backpack models which are extremely useful when working on embankments or rough terrain.

Battery/Cordless Garden Brushcutters are much more reliable than the older models. With advancements in battery technology run times are now much longer, and charge times much shorter allowing you to cut grass regularly. To add to this, power output has also increased, making battery/cordless models just as powerful as mains powered or petrol designs. Finally, battery/cordless models are extremely lightweight, and you will not be restricted by cables or wiring holding you back.

Our Electric Garden Brushcutters are versatile and hard wearing pieces of kit that can be used as a brushcutter or a grass trimmer. The electric brushcutters have at least a power output of 1000W which ensures an efficient cutting performance. Electric models are suitable for lawns of all sizes, although you will be restricted by a cord. They generally are quieter than petrol models, making them perfect for residential areas.

Petrol Brushcutters are ideal for cutting down large of longer grass as they offer the most mobile option as well as offering a longer running time. Our petrol models have either loop or bike handles, depending on your preference, and finally, we give away 2 stroke oil with a number of our petrol models.

If you would like a more versatile gardening tool, maybe a Multi Tool will better suit your needs. A multi tool can offer you the freedom of owning many garden tools all within one machine. This is perfect if you are lacking storage room for multiple garden machines, or if you can’t afford to buy multiple items.

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