Garden Benches

A Garden Bench is one of the most popular items of garden furniture purchased and by selecting the right bench for your situation, it will give you hours of pleasure relax and enjoy in the surroundings of your garden. The wooden park styled bench is the most sought after, with the 2 or 3 seat benches being the favourite sizes.

Buying the Right Pine Garden Bench

Benches can be traditionally styled, or a modern and contemporary styles, and this mix of modern and traditional means you will always be able to find a bench to compliment your garden setting. Some benches include the added benefits if providing storage under the seat

Bench sizes vary from smaller, 2 seat designs up to magnificent 6 seat benches. They can either have a back or are backless depending on personal tastes, and rocking benches are also available.

Buying the Right Teak or Hardwood Garden Bench

There are many different designs available for your garden bench seat, including wooden benches, metal benches, stone benches.

Wooden Benches come in different styles and types of timber with Teak or Roble benches offering the best in class, the Brambecrest banana or the Bidbury are fine examples, along with the Alexander Rose Roble range of benches to BC Teak and AR Roble. Hardwood benches are also popular and are often a great value but still offer a long guarantee and the Alexander Rose Cornis benches in 4 ft and 5 ft versions are fine examples. The curved backed Alexander Rose Turnberry benches are also a great option as they come with a comfortable shaped back and extra wide arm rest, perfect for a pacing your cup of tea on. Acacia hardwood benches are another option, these can come pre-finished in natural wood, or alternatively they can come in a white polyurethane painted finish, the best example of these are the Alexander Rose New England collection of benches.

If you are considering a metal bench then you will be able to see a lot more intricate detail in the bench as the manufacturing process will allow for this. This detail runs through the range starting with zinc coated steel benches to tubular steel benches mixed with cast iron, right up to the top of the range Harleston garden benches, forged by Haddonstone and manufactured in the UK from wrought Iron.

Another option is to choose a stone bench for your garden, which will offer a completely different appearance. They are always backless and can come in classic styles such as the Melmar Tuxford with Adam styled end columns or very modern Indian stone bench like the Foras Jasper bench. The Melmar range of stone benches are manufactured using cast stone and therefore, due to this process, they can offer sleeper styled benches or riven stone benches expertly crafted to look like solid stone. Finally, they are fully natural, weather resistant and low maintenance.

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