Bon-Fire BBQ Accessories

The Bon-Fire barbecue range is built up of a series of accessories which allow you to use the hanging bbq cooking system in all manner of ways. Essentially the Bonfire barbecue concept is one of the original ways of barbecuing, dating back to the times of the Wild West, as its all about cooking over a real bonfire with a tripod and cooking pans and BBQ grill grids.

If you prefer to do a spot of one pot cooking outdoors, this range has every type of accessory you could ever need. You can add a large Stew pot for a 6, 8 or 15 litre stew, all suspended with chains attached to a tripod arrangement for casserole cooking . The Bon-Fire accessory range really does allow you to set up a mobile kitchen and cook anywhere where there’s a bonfire. For that extra bit of fun you can buy extra-long handled ladles, spoons, spatula and even a Pancake pan.

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