Artificial Hedging

An instant artificial hedge is a simple, effective way to add natural looking privacy to a garden or border, with various styles that blend into any space. These hedges look incredibly realistic and will dress up any outdoor space so well, you'll soon forget they're fake. An artificial hedge trellis is ideal for providing instant green walls and privacy for balconies and gardens, and it can be attached to any wall or fence in minutes. The leaves are firmly wired into place and have UV protection to keep them looking lush year after year without any maintenance.

Artificial hedges can be made as a trellis that can be easily adjusted to expand across your wall, or they can come as a set of panels that lock securely into place with a series of snaps for quick installation. All our hedges cover 1 or 2 square metres, depending on the type, and they can be adjusted to fit spaces higher, lower, wider, and narrower as needed.

Extendable hedges initially cover 2 square metres, but these hedges are incredibly easy to adjust to fit a custom space. You can stretch these trellis hedges like a concertina to cover a distance more than 3 metres, but this will also shorten the height they cover to half a metre or lower. Likewise, you can push the lattice frame closer together to cover a taller height but a shorter distance. It's best to determine just how high you need your hedge, then add additional expanding panels to your order as needed.

Tiled hedges will cover 1 square metre but can be separated into 4 separate half-metre panels that will lock together with other panels in different configurations as needed. These interlocking panels are great for fitting around unusual corners or for custom areas. DIY box hedges are easy to build and can provide a great barrier against noise. Simply create the frame and secure the hedge panels in half-metre sections as needed to cover your custom-built box.

Artificial hedging is also incredibly popular for business use. Dress up an industrial outer wall or fence to be more inviting to clients and customers. A fire-retardant hedge is perfect for indoor use to create a temporary wall or an inexpensive seasonal display. You can install an artificial hedge in minutes, and they never need maintenance, meaning you never need to hire a landscaper.

WitchHedge artificial hedging is a popular choice for a leafy trellis that can substitute for climbers along walls and wooden fences. Hedged In artificial hedging is another popular choice that can easily replace box hedges and other border greenery.

There are hedges to match any style garden, and they're a great choice for small gardens where there isn't a lot of natural growing space or privacy. Boxwood and clover hedges make an attractive traditional garden border that you never need to trim. Laurel, willow, and ivy hedges offer a leafier look that resembles climbers, making them perfect for adding privacy to a trellis fence. Autumn-style hedging can add a little colour to your borders, and a floral hedge will keep your fence full of life year-round. A white cherry blossom hedge makes a stunning backdrop for weddings and photographs.

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