Artifical Hedging

Artificial hedging is one of the simplest but effective products the team at Internet Gardener have seen in a while and we can see why it sells so well. We focis on two different brands of fake hedging which offer different looks and features to suit however you witsh to dress your outdoor space.

WitchHedge artificial hedging is made through an expanding willow trellis which is completely covered in realistic looking leaves which have been firmly wired on. The effect when expanded really does look similar to the real thing, whether you are wanting an artificial Laurel hedge or something with a little more seasonality wush as the Autumn leaf panels. When it comes to Hedged in artificial hedging, they offer similar expanding willow hedging panels as WitchHedge however in addition they have the interlocking plastic hedging panels which can be simply clicked together to create whatever your mind can think of. From full internal office hedging walls, to fixing the box hedge panels to a fence to make it look pretty.

Working with the UK's leading suppliers of artificial hedging we are able to offer a large range at a great price. Regardless of the size of your garden, we'll have a type of Artificial Hedging for you.

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