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Garden Arches

Garden Arches are a classic stable of the garden landscaping world and these days, they're available in a host of materials, with the most popular being a wooden garden arch. Why buy a wooden arch though? Well many feature a pressure treatment process which impregnates the timber with a preservative. This ensures you can leave the feature archway outdoors without worry of it rotting for up to 10 years on the Grange garden arch range. Our wide range spans from simple arches to ornately detailed ones so that every taste is catered to. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful metal arch or a contemporary wooden one, you’re sure to have a new centrepiece in your garden. Pair this with a Garden Mirror for a complete outdoor transformation.

Square top, round top and apex roof arches are all available, meaning you don’t have to make any compromise on style, simply pick whichever one suits your space best. Wooden Planters can also be bought to Forest Garden arch or even just to tie the wooden items together in the garden for a continuous look and feel. Different widths and sizes of arches are on offer, and with high quality UK brands such as Forest Garden and range Garden Arches on display, you can be sure these products are all made to a consistent and exceptional level of quality.

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