Garden Arches

Arches are a staple feature of garden landscapes, with a classic design that works in spaces big and small to add an element of style along any pathway or trail. A garden arch, sometimes called a garden arbour, is a vertical archway, tall and wide enough to walk through easily, and they primarily serve as an accent gateway at an entryway or along garden paths. They also work well in open gardens to help divide and define spaces in a natural way.

Garden arches come in many sizes and styles, so it'll be easy to find one that will match and blend into your garden space. A small arch along a narrow path can make an enclosed space more inviting. In a more open space, a wide arch can be an inexpensive alternative to a pergola. Adorn your arch with planters, hanging plants, or even a garden mirror, and it can easily serve as a beautiful garden centrepiece.

Arches can be made from wood or metal with roofs that can be arched, curved, or flat. They can also feature varying trellis designs; square and diamond trellises are common, but other styles are also available depending on your garden's style. A Metpost spike or support stake can be used to secure your arch to any surface, paved or natural, for added stability.

Wooden garden arches are the most popular choice in arches, as the natural wooden features blend effortlessly into any outdoor space. Sturdy pressure-treated timber is used to form a solid construction. Wooden trellises make great places for climbers to grow, and you can tie a wooden arch alongside a fence for a natural gateway with a continuous look and feel. Pergola-style arches can be especially popular as you can adjust the archway to fit perfectly across any path.

Forest Garden arches have designs to suit every style and taste. They're made with high quality timber that comes with a 15-year guarantee against rot, ensuring your pathway will look its best for years to come. Grange garden arches are another popular choice, and you can add optional wooden planters to your arch for a functional look.

Metal garden arches are also a great choice for any garden space. Depending on your outdoor theme, a metal arch can blend well in a contemporary garden, and some styles work equally well in traditional or even gothic settings. Metal trellises offer more intricate designs, and they make a great place for crawling plants to grow. Metal arches have a powder-coated finish and are incredibly durable, but some may need to be repainted after a few years to protect against rust and keep them in top condition.

Poppy Forge arches have a sleek design that make great archways for gardens with a classic look and feel. Rowlinson arches come in both metal and wooden varieties, and they make the perfect frame for narrow garden paths.

Garden arches also make popular wedding arbours and are an essential design feature for outdoor ceremonies. Veil a wedding arch with climbers and flowers to make the perfect place for exchanging vows. After the wedding, the archway makes a great gift for the newlywed couple to use as a permanent feature in their garden and serve a lasting reminder of their special day.

If you're looking for a garden arch with seating, add a separate garden bench to your arch, or check our range of garden arbour seats to find exactly what you need.

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