Callow Vista Stainless Steel Pedestal BBQ

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• 1 stainless steel cooking grid with 2 wooden handles
• Stainless steel windshield
• Zinc plated charcoal grid
• Holds up to a max. 3.2kg of charcoal
• Grill surface 46.8 x 45.8cm - height adjustable

The classic pedestal grill will make your BBQ an unforgettable experience! The pedestal grill is called such because of its leg that looks like a pedestal and has a base at the ground. The grill's pedestal design features many advantages: A ash collector and adjustable slide vent are located in the pedestal. This allows you to freely adjust the air flow to the charcoal. The more oxygen that reaches the charcoal via the pedestal, the faster it burns - this is the so-called draft effect. You should open the air vent when lighting the grill. As soon as you place food on the grill, you can reduce air flow. The "Vista" thus saves the chef time and fuel without forcing you compromise on that classic smoky charcoal flavour.

The pedestal grill features an air vent located beneath the charcoal which means the grill surface is higher than that of most grills, offering a comfortable working height. The grill rack also has handles with which you can easily adjust the rack height to take the most advantage of the coals' heat. The high temperature the grill reaches due to the draft effect allows you to sear foods and create crispy BBQ dishes. The ash collector catches all ashes that form during grilling which makes later cleaning easy. With the high-quality Vista pedestal grill, nothing is standing between you and endless BBQ fun.

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Callow Vista Stainless Steel Pedestal BBQ