Callow Lambada Chill & Grill BBQ

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• Screwless BBQ Grill - Assemble in less than 3 minutes
• All grill elements are put together using patent-pending technology - without screws or tools
• Features a large grill surface of 68 x 44cm with 2 x independently adjustable grill racks
• Sturdy and Strong Cart with wheels - making it very easy to move
• After your BBQ or at the end of the season, all our Chill & Grill BBQs can be disassembled in a few minutes and stored in the smallest of spaces

The Lambada Chill&Grill BBQ can be assembled in just minutes, without the need for any tools. All the elements just need to be plugged together using our innovative patent-pending technology. The user will have the stable grill up and ready in just 3 minutes.

The Lambada grill is stable and truly versatile. Due to its large cooking grate, you can easily prepare food for a number of people at the same time. Not only is it suitable for a big family, you can also use it for various events or club meetings – with its large cooking grate area you will be able to satiate the appetite of even the hungriest of guests.

What makes the grill trolley so practical and convenient are the wheels attached on one side. This allows you to be flexible while enjoying grilling – the Lambada grill looks good everywhere – on your patio, grass or balcony. There is a storage shelf on one side of the grill where you can place your grilling utensils or additional food to be grilled. In addition, the storage rack under the grill body offers you more space for other items.

Since the large cooking area is divided in two separate grates, you can comfortably and easily prepare various kinds of food simultaneously. When the main cooking is complete, you can reposition the rear grate to the top position, turning it into a warming rack while any additional food is grilled on the front grate.

The windshield with fourfold cooking grate height adjustment is very useful in controlling the grilling temperature. Depending on how far the grate is from the embers, you can change the temperature at the food being grilled accordingly.

When the barbecue party or the whole grilling season is over, all grills of the Chill&Grill product line can be disassembled equally quickly and stored away – their storage requires very little space.

A product innovation that thrills!

Package Dimensions:

Depth 51.5cm

Width 89cm

Height 21cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 59cm

Width 109cm

Height 90cm

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Callow Lambada Chill & Grill BBQ


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