Callow Kettle Grill Tucson

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• 54cm enamelled cooking grid with two removable handles
• Includes two charcoal dividers for indirect grilling
• Compatible with Tepro’s Grid-in-Grid system
• Holds up to a maximum 2kg charcoal
• Dimensions (cm): W65 x D66 x H107

Sausages fresh from the grill and the aroma of juicy steaks hanging in the air: A tried and tested recipe for a fun-filled BBQ evening. The Tucson Kettle Grill is the perfect companion for real BBQ fun whether on warm summer nights or during the colder months.

The high quality kettle grill can be used by BBQ enthusiasts in many different ways.

By closing the lid to prevent heat from escaping, it focuses heat evenly to the food on the grill similar to a convection oven, so your food cooks evenly on all sides. Special air vents afford even air circulation during grilling and prevent the coals from going out while the lid is closed.

Indirect grilling - where the food lies in an enclosed space, not directly above the flame - is the barbecue method of choice for gourmets and can be practiced easily with the "Tucson". Use the charcoal holder to position the fuel where you want it in a matter of moments. Achieving a crisp yet juicy roast is as easy as ABC due to the lid's built-in thermometer which allows you to easily monitor the cooking temperature.

If you remove the lid, the kettle grill can be used like a normal grill. Nothing is standing between you and a long fun-filled BBQ evening: Use the included hook handles to easily lift the grill rack. Adding more fuel is hassle-free and the excellent base air circulation guarantees a perfect bed of coals fast. With its wheels, the "Tucson" can be easily set up wherever you need it - in your garden or on your patio.

Other features - like the removable ash collector or the enamelled grill rack - make cleaning easy so you can fire up your grill again in no time at all! Due to the grill's easy-to-clean design, your BBQ fun comes first.

Surprise your friends and family with new dishes from your new "Tucson" grill and learn the meaning of enjoyment!

Package Dimensions:

Depth 31cm

Width 60cm

Height 59cm


Product Dimensions:

Depth 66cm

Width 65cm

Height 107cm

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Callow Kettle Grill Tucson