Callow Espira Squirrel Black Mini Weathervane

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• Sheet steel construction with steel rotation rod
• Exterior quality black powder-coated paint finish
• Includes NSEW cardinal points and fixing kit
• Suitable for small outbuildings, fence posts, etc
• Comes in a decorative box, ideal for gifts

The word “vane” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “fane”, meaning flag. Fabric pennants were used to show archers the direction of the wind and were later replaced with metal ones decorated with insignia or coats of arms.

Mini Weathervanes are ideal for fitting to garden sheds, small outbuildings, fence posts or gazebos. Not only decorative, they are still a practical and effective wind direction indicator.

Made from sheet steel with a steel rotation rod, these weathervanes have an exterior quality black powder-coated paint finish which protects the steel and provides a sleek, durable surface. To refresh the paint and extend the life of your weathervane, apply a coat of Hammerite from time to time.

Supplied with a universal fixing kit which includes a backplate (10.5 x 4.9cm), choice of mounting brackets and screws, which are suitable for use in wood or masonry. Use the Z-bracket for horizontal/eaves fitting or the L-bracket for vertical mounting. The fixing kit is also black powder-coated steel.

Easy to assembly and fit, Mini Weathervanes come with instructions and a decorative box, making them ideal as gifts.

Introduced to the UK from North America by the Victorians, the grey squirrel, has a population of around 2.5 million whilst our indigenous red squirrel, which has been around for 10,000 years, is estimated to only have 140,000. This cute, bushy-tailed creature has a reputation for its cheeky antics and is depicted on this weathervane vehemently clutching an acorn.

Approximate Dimensions (cm):
Overall: 38 (W) x 49 (H)
Squirrel: 31.5 (W) x 23.5 (H)

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Callow Espira Squirrel Black Mini Weathervane