Bosch Garden Pump 18

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Garden Pump 18

Good for the environment and better for plants – the cordless GardenPump 18 works easily with all styles of garden rainwater tanks and provides faster and more effective watering around the garden. Start by setting up the Battery Control Unit, which can be conveniently hooked right onto the tank or attached to the wall. Then simply submerge the Rainwater Pump in the tank. Next, attach a garden hose, up to 25 m long, and spray gun. This Rainwater Pump is perfect for natural and more enjoyable watering of flower beds and fruit and vegetables, or pots and planters. For perfectly green lawns, use this tool's timer function and anti-siphoning connector with sprinkler and irrigation systems.
Technical specifications
Battery voltage - 18 V
Battery capacity - 2.5 Ah
Charging time, max. - 120 min
Run time, max. - 30 min
Flow rate, max. - 2000 l/h
Connecting hose length - 2.5 m
Weight - 2.2 kg
Tool dimensions (L x W x H): - 125 x 115 x 195 mm
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Bosch Garden Pump 18


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