Airboard Freeride 180-X Sledge - Blue

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Airboard Freeride 180-X Sledge - Blue

Take on a new snow-surfing experience with the Airboard Freeride 180-X in Blue. Lie down on your belly and feel the exhilarating speeds whip past you as you slide down the snowy ski slopes. The airboard is made from extremely robust, reinforced coated XC-Tec fabric that will help to prevent any rips, tears or punctures from damaging your airboard. With the pneumatic design, the airboard acts like a giant air bag against any collisions or bumpy terrain, protecting the rider throughout the whole duration. The profile runners underneath lets you control your direction and sweep through the snow by shifting your weight. The runners track higher on the sides increasing turning reactions, stability and stopping. Pack the Airboard Freeride 180-X in Blue in your bag and you won’t even feel it is in your bag. It is lightweight and deflates small enough to be able transport around with you. This Freeride 180-X is definitely for the taller and sportier adult who likes to ride fast and in style.

Product Details

  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Length: 130cm
  • Width: 82cm
  • Depth: 30cm
  • Volume: 180L

Airboard Freeride 180-X Sledge - Blue Features:

  • Aerodynamic for fast runs and easy control.
  • Ribbed underside.
  • C7 Valve for anti freeze construction.
  • Built for serious and larger riders.
  • Extremely durable, reinforced, coated fabric.
  • Profile runners provide stability at speed and help with turning and stopping.
  • Ability to carve like a boogie board on snow.
  • Ultra-fast inflatable snow sled.
  • I-Beam HF Welds create a stable high-performance chassis.
  • Tough material.
  • Accessories included: Hand Leash, Repair Kit, Hand Pump and Bag.

Please remember to use your Airboard Freeride 180-X Sledge responsibly!
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Airboard Freeride 180-X Sledge - Blue