Airboard Classic 130-X Sledge - Silver

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Airboard Classic 130-X Sledge - Silver

Be adventurous and take sledging to the extreme with the Airboard Classic 130-X in Silver and feel the adrenaline pump through you as you take on all the twists and turns on the piste. The Classic 130-X is made much stronger than the Airboard Classic and is built to take on extreme bumpy rides, big crashes and rougher grounds. This airboard helps to provide softer landings after those big jumps with the built in shock absorption. The inflatable design is manufactured from XC-Tec fabric with exclusive coating that is resistant to mould and water corrosion. It is extremely tough, robust and non-stretch, providing a steady platform to ride on. The Airboard Classic 130-X in Silver has 3 full length runners that provide speed, steering control and quick braking in the snow. Teamed with I-Beam RF Welds, it creates a sturdy chassis allowing you to have complete control of your direction and speed by shifting your weight. The Classic 130-X is easy to inflate through the anti-freeze technical vale that sits flush to the board and prevents catching when sliding down the snowy ski slopes.

Product Details

  • Weight: 3kg
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Depth: 23cm
  • Volume: 130L

Airboard Classic 130-X Sledge - Silver Features:
  • Ideal for adults up to 190cm
  • Carry bag (31 x 41 x 8cm)
  • Aerodynamic for fast runs and easy control.
  • Ribbed underside.
  • C7 Valve for anti freeze construction.
  • Built for serious and larger riders.
  • Extremely durable, reinforced, coated fabric.
  • Profile runners provide stability at speed and help with turning and stopping.
  • Ability to carve like a boogie board on snow.
  • Ultra-fast inflatable snow sled.
  • I-Beam HF Welds create a stable high-performance chassis.
  • Tough material.
  • Built in shock absorption
  • Accessories include: Hand leash, Repair kit, Hand pump and carry bag

Please remember to use your Airboard Classic 130-X Sledge responsibly!

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Airboard Classic 130-X Sledge - Silver